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Learn how to confidently assess, coach, and program movement to create life-changing results for your patients

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So, Why Become a Clinical Coaching Specialist?

Let's face it ‚ÄĒ having doctorate-level human body knowledge is impressive! However, without¬†real-world¬†coaching strategies¬†to apply your knowledge, it's a fast track to clinical confusion.

That's Where CCS Comes In. 

We've created a system for students and novice/seasoned physical therapists to simplify human movement, intentionally coach exercises, and maximize patient results. 

A Clinical Coaching System is the

Key to Your Success

Not CCS Certified:

X One size fits all exercises
X Treating the condition
X Short-term results
X Frustrated patients
X Burned out physical therapists

CCS Certified:

Intentional exercise selections
Treating the individual 
Life-changing results
Happy Patients
Fulfilled physical therapists

Did You Know...

Most physical therapists enter the profession as "movement experts" without any experience.

Sure, there's an exercise prescription course in school combined with a couple of months of internship...

...but is that really enough to master movement and develop successful coaching strategies?

Comparing exercise prescription to coaching is like comparing apples to oranges. Exercise prescription provides generic relief for generalized conditions. At best, it provides sub-par results because it lacks the key components of specificity, cueing, education, and coaching.

That's why you need a coaching foundation that allows you to provide individualized approaches to an endless range of patient scenarios...

Accelerate Your Success

When you become a Clinical Coaching Specialist (CCS) you redesign the lens through which you comprehend, assess, and program movement.

This certification will teach you the four C's of coaching success:

1) Comprehension - Understand the WHY so the HOW is easy. You'll learn specific principles to guide your assessments and coaching to fix the source of the problem.

2) Clarity - We'll teach you how to be intentional with your exercise decisions to get the exact outcome you're looking for.

3) Confidence - When you comprehend what you're looking at in a clear manner, there is no other option but to feel confident in your movement selection and treatment plans. 

4) Caring - When you care, you become "their" physical therapist instead of just "a" physical therapist.

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Don't Have "Time" to Learn?

These course features change that...

Lifetime Access

Are you a busy PT or PT student? Take as long as you need and learn from new content that's added.¬†The course is yours ‚ÄĒ for life!

100% Online

Save your hard earned money and avoid thousands of dollars in travel costs. Learn when and where it's convenient for you. 


Don't stress trying to cram everything into your busiest day of the week! Work through the program at your own speed that fits your schedule.


Mastering movement doesn't have to take months! Transform your movement knowledge in just eight short modules.

Course Breakdown

(click the module to watch a preview) 

What You Get By Joining...

1. Clinical Coaching Foundations Course + Certification


The ultimate certification to raise the standard of PT care by learning how to:

  • Create long-term success for your patients and clients by following The¬†CCF system to¬†fix the source of the problem
  • Become the expert in coaching exercise by¬†applying¬†CCF movement principles to confidently modify and coach exercises
  • Experience fulfillment¬†in your career by creating long-term success for your patients

2. Lifetime Membership to The PR Club


An online platform where high performing movement professionals come to grow. As a member you'll have immediate access to over 100 training videos and learn:

  • How to accelerate your clinical skills¬†from our "practical exercise science" section
  • How to build a growth mindset¬†from our self development section
  • New exercises to improve your outcomes¬†from our exercise database

3. Live Monthly Coaching Call


Live Monthly Coaching calls are your chance to get your questions answered. During the session we can discuss:

  • Your specific questions¬†to ensure your success in the program
  • Case studies to improve¬†knowledge of principles
  • Exercise breakdowns and demonstrations¬†to build your movement database


(Licensure Requirement)

This course provides 12 contact hours towards your PT license and 1.2 CEUs towards any NSCA certification

If you're a physical therapist outside of North Carolina, you can still earn CEUs. Check with your states APTA chapter to see if they accept other state's courses.

Total Value: $4,995

Normal Price: $997



Choose the Best Membership For You



4 Monthly Payments

  • CCS Certification
  • 8 CCF Course Modules
  • Free PR Club Membership
  • Monthly Bonus Content
  • Text + Phone Support
  • 12 APTA CEUs
  • 1.2 NSCA CEUs



Save $50

  • CCS Certification
  • 8 CCF Course Modules
  • Free PR Club Membership
  • Monthly Bonus Content
  • Text + Phone Support
  • 12 APTA CEUs
  • 1.2 NSCA CEUs



Professional + Personal Growth

  • CCS Certification
  • 8 CCF Course Modules
  • Free PR Club Membership
  • Monthly Bonus Content
  • Text + Phone Support
  • 12 APTA CEUs
  • 1.2 NSCA CEUs
  • 3-Months Virtual Personal Training
  • 30-Minute PR Method Presentation
  • Personalized Workout Programs

Don't Forget: It's Completely Risk-Free.

I've packed a lot into the Clinical Coaching Foundation program because not only do I want you to transform the way you assess and coach movement, but I want to guarantee you won't fail.

So, to make it a no-brainer deal for you, I'm going to give you a 60-day 100% money back guarantee with your purchase of Clinical Coaching Foundations today.

That's right. Go through the course, check out the bonuses, follow the strategies, put it into action, and if you don't love it within the first 60-day of purchase, send me an email and I'll refund you immediately. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

If it doesn't work for you, I'd much rather you take your hard earned money and invest it where it fits best. I just want you to unlock your movement mastery potential!