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Education for Movement Professionals

Learn how our 8-week online "Performance Redefined" course will teach you how to simplify human movement.


Physical Therapy

We'll help you get back from an injury, optimize movement, and enhance your performance

Sports Performance

We'll help you maximize performance, prevent injuries, and develop athleticism

The PR Difference

At Performance Redefined, we don't want to show you what's wrong.

At Performance Redefined, we don't want to tell you what's wrong.

At Performance Redefined, we want to educate you and teach you how to address the source of your movement dysfunction, pain, or limitations.

At Performance Redefined, we want you to feel confident and knowledgeable with your rehab, training, and performance. 


Dan G.

"Whether you are getting active again, recovering from an injury, or just in need of a tune up, I highly recommend working with Brian. His knowledge and passion for his profession shine through in his thoughtful approach to your individual situation. He strives to improve the performance of your body and make it stronger by addressing the issue, but also tackling the underlying causes for your issue so it doesn’t happen again. I can’t thank him enough for his help during the recovery from my injury."

Julia H.

"Brian is very personable and makes everything super individualized to your active needs. He explains everything and shows how to do the right movements for the right pain or how to get stronger at your sport or just physical activity. I highly recommend working with him!"

Micaela L.

"Absolutely recommend Performance Redefined! Not only have I gotten out of pain, but I’m now stronger than I ever been, both thanks to Brian. He started me with physical therapy for my hip, and then seamlessly transitioned into strength training when the time was right. While the therapy got me out of pain, the strengthening has KEPT me out of pain. Brian is very knowledgeable and transparent about his methods. He will always take time to answer questions and make sure that you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Great experience overall. Highly recommend!!"

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