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Who Will Benefit from The PR Club?

  • Physical Therapy Students
  • Physical Therapy Assistant Students
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physical Therapy Assistants
  • Personal Trainers
  • Strength Coach
  • Exercise Science Students

What You'll Learn Inside the Club:

Practical Exercise Science

There are differences between book learning versus "real world" learning. This section helps bridge that gap in a functional and accelerated fashion. You will learn practical subjects that you can implement immediately after watching. To learn more, read the bulleted expectations below and watch the video example. 

  • You will learn how to build your coaching confidence through the art of coaching
  • You will learn to create your coaching checklist to provide more value to your customers and achieve better results
  • You will learn to answer the "why" behind movement so you know exactly which movement prescription is best

Physical Therapy

This section will break down common movement dysfunctions, assessment techniques, and rehabilitative strategies to ensure you're seeing your patient as a whole while finding the source and not treating the symptoms. To learn more, read the bulleted expectations below and watch the video example.

  • You will learn how to comprehend asymmetries of the body
  • You will learn to take a systems approach to achieve optimal results
  • You will learn how to manage rehabilitation to performance by understanding strategies to allow for a smooth transition


We're all in the profession of helping others. But we can't help others if we don't truly help ourselves first. This category of The PR Club will help you become the best version of yourself! To learn more, read the bulleted expectations below and watch the preview video.

  • You will learn to create a powerful mindset paradigm shift and how to take action
  • You will learn success principles that will change your life
  • You will learn the true method to increasing productivity


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Bonus Material:

Exercise Library

You will receive full access to our growing exercise database. These videos have expert demonstration to help you understand the intent behind the movement strategies for proper execution.


One Year of Virtual Personal Training

When you're a member of The PR Club, the overall goal is growth! Therefore, we offer an entire year of online personal training, so as a movement expert, you can be in the best physical shape possible! Read the bulleted points below and watch Samantha's experience when she utilized online personal training to learn more about this benefit to The PR Club.

  • Biomechanical Assessment: Before we get moving - I need to learn more about you! During the assessment, we will discuss your goals, exercise history/knowledge, previous/current injuries, and determine biomechanical limitations through an objective assessment
  • Program Creation: The data is in - now it's time to create your DREAM program! Your program will be specifically designed to improve your functional impairments while working towards your goals.
  • Implementation: The program is done - now it's time to get to work! All programs will be on True Coach to allow for a convenient method to track results, upload videos, and stay in touch with me! Included are 4 Virtual Sessions (once per quarter)


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  • New Educational Content Added Monthly
  • Practical Exercise Science Database
  • Physical Therapy Database
  • Self-Development Database
  • Exercise Library
  • Members-Only Online Community
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  • New Educational Content Added Monthly
  • Practical Exercise Science Database
  • Physical Therapy Database
  • Self-Development Database
  • Exercise Library
  • Members Only Online Community
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